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(In)visible Women

Every day, we pursue our dreams of achieving something significant in life. Something meaningful. Yet it seems in many areas of our society, some people have less opportunities than others. Despite decades of well-intended campaigns and changes to government policies, the overall change since the 1970’s has been small. Why? The truth is more astounding than you may want to believe. And it affects us all.

(In)visible Women is a new groundbreaking 7-part documentary series and feature you must see. It follows double award-winning TV presenter and producer Leah Charles-King (ITV, Disney Channel, BET), to highlight one of the most controversial issues at the heart of many western cultures: Is there a lack of women of colour in visible areas of society – like the media, politics and others?

What (In)visible Women reveals may astonish you. But it will also inspire you. Politicians and the media have been calling for more visible role models within the UK. People who can be good examples to our disconnected youth. People who can have a positive influence. Yet many of these positive role models – especially women, do not seem to be given the same public awareness by the very same people in positions of power who claim there is a lack of them. Coincidence?

You may believe there isn’t a problem. Or that there was, but it no longer exists. (In)visible Women takes you on an eye-opening journey, revealing the shocking truths about the challenges many women still face, even today, in there pursuit of achievement, and their quest to be an inspiration to others.

(In)visible Women features female pioneers within the media industry, business and our communities. Many of whom are unknown to the world, yet do amazing things that impact others within their chosen fields. Also former and current members of some of the most notorious gangs with the UK, to discover what makes this negative lifestyle more attractive. And of course, many celebrity faces too. But what did it take for them to get where they are today? And more importantly, at what price?

Watch (In)visible Women. Discover the truth.